Snow Globe Reflections

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Snow Globe Reflectionssnowflake

It seems Winter finally connected to the calendar, even in Portland. We’ve had some predicted winter weather today. Portland is one of those places where things stopwith the winter weather. The slower pace helps you connect with what is happening around you and drink in the beauty of the big white snowflakes of your personal snow globe.

It’s true. People from areas of the country who are accustomed to snow and ice laugh at how just a dusting of snow becomes a major news event in Portland. It’s true, we’re winter weather wimps. (Here’s my all-time favorite video of Portland driving in a snow storm.)

What it does do, however, is slow the pace dramatically and connect. We actually sit by the window and watch the snow fall with cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Now that our kids are grown, we watch the neighbor children get out their gear and slide down the hill. A favorite activity, for me, is watching Andy react to the change in the landscape. He’s hard to convince that turning from green to white is a good thing. He wisely walks next to the buildings where the ground looks the way it should.

Today’s snow is nothing like that in the video. It barely slowed us down – don’t tell the news shows as they’re busily broadcasting winter warnings. It did, however, connect us a little tighter as we piled in to the car to go visit my Dad. It felt good. It felt healthy. Today my vision of health for our family was our reality.

To reach our family vision for health means to connect to each other – and to or choices followed by our community. We did that today in our Portland snow globe.

How did you connect with each other today?

What next step can you take to deepen your connection to each other?

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