Tip-A-Day for 31 Days: Celiac Awareness Month - #4

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Tip-yellow postit# 4: Mind Your Macro....Nutrients.

Being gluten-free is essential for people who have Celiac disease. If you haven’t guessed, whenever something is removed from foods, such as gluten, sugar, or fat, it is replaced with something else. Many gluten-free foods are far higher in fat (and thus calories) than their  non-gluten-free counterparts. Fat plays an important role in all foods. It provides energy (calories), carries the fat soluble vitamins, has a high impact on satiety (feeling satisfied and full) and it provides a smooth, rich, mouth-feel to foods. All of these are important, but when eating gluten-free, Fat is essential in the quality of food by creating a smoother, less grainy mouth feel. It's easier to forgive too much fat than it is to deal with too little. 

Nutrition Label
Take a look at this nutrition label for carrots. True, carrots have no fat, so it says zero. Take note of where the Total grams of tat are on the label. It's a great place to start. Compare the total grams of fat to a NON-gluten-free item that you would buy. Does it have more fat? How much more? If it's more than twice as much, you might want to think twice. 

This is something to keep in mind when trying new foods with your child who has Down syndrome. For example, a gluten-free graham cracker may have a great flavor, but it will definitely feel different in your mouth.
Keep an eye on the fat content on the nutrition label in the store so you know which foods need to be served with lower calorie foods to balance it out.

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