Tip-A-Day for May: Celiac Awareness Month - #7

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Tip-yellow postit # 7: Keep Your Kitchen Safe for Gluten Free Eating

Keeping a kitchen free from gluten when others can eat gluten is not an easy task. I know I was so overwhelmed, I shouted “we’re all gluten free” like it was a badge of honor. I didn’t want to worry. I could not see how to do it in my world filled with school meetings, phone calls about those school meetings, and life in general. That was 10 years ago.  

In the last 5 years, gluten-free has been the fastest growing food market in the United States. That means, great information has been proliferating on the Internet. Guidelines for preventing cross contamination in your home are everywhere. My current favorite comes from a trusted source, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.  They offer a four step process for setting up your kitchen here

Ok, so now you have a process. That’s a great first step. This is the place where I usually freeze for a while. “Nice steps. How do they work in MY kitchen?”  Because we all know MY kitchen is much more complex than anyone else's, right?  

And then I found Gluten Dude. He really goes by Gluten Dude. The site has a definite “dude” flavor, too. You’ve been warned. But he also has one of the best features for people new to gluten free life: Real-life examples of kitchens. Right now Gluten Dude features six different kitchens (you can submit your masterpiece, too!). I always like snooping around in other people’s kitchens. I love to see the gadgets and toys they have to cook with. I bet you’ll like it too. Go ahead....give it a try. Snoop away and be inspired.  

It inspired me to organize the pantry….again!

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