Celebrating Down Syndrome Month: Pay With a Tweet!

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The nation – and world – will be filled with all sorts of community events to celebrate the blessings people with Down syndrome bring to our lives on this typically unexpected 

journey. To celebrate, I will be offering a different product for a unique price: Pay with a Tweet.

This edition’s Pay with a TweetProduct is  My Tasting Journal: Keeping Track of Foods I Try.  This E-Book, valued at $9.95, is designed to promote tasting and learning about the sensory components to food using all your senses and universal design for learning. It’s a nutrition activity. It’s a writing activity. It’s a literacy activity (visual and print). It’s a science activity. Reduce behaviorally selective eating through learning! 

All I ask is that you Pay with a Tweet. How does this work? Click here to download My Tasting Journal: Keeping Track of Foods I Try.  You will be directed to a download page and given instructions to pay for your purchase by sending out a tweet, posting on Facebook, or posting an update on LinkedIn. 


my tasting journal page 01Get your copy of My Tasting Journal: Keeping Track of Foods I Try for the price of a tweet. tastingjrnlsample

Download for free if you pay with a Tweet!



This offer is ends October 7th, so don’t delay! 

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